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Your single source of marketing and brand strategy, combined cohesively.

Both functions need to seamlessly integrate to harvest existing demand and create future demand, delivering short and long term wins.

Building brand through a considered marketing strategy is crucial. Because let's face it, no one wants to buy from a brand they've never heard of.

I'm your fractional expert backed by international experience for global brands. Make things work, at a fraction of the cost. Invest in the marketing, not the head count.

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Your Fractional Marketing and Brand Leader, here to make it work.

Marketing Strategy

Develop a strategic plan that is inclusive of brand positioning, target customer, budget forecasting, channel prioritisation and execution, and performance analysis.

Without this, you are likely shooting blanks. The foundations need to be set before you spend.

Brand awareness and experience

Focussing on building brand awareness is critical for every business. I'll guide you on growing your brand awareness and experience through social media, PR, events, influencers and creative content...all of which is my bread and butter.

Building brand awareness and future demand has a lasting impact on sales and profitability; consumers gravitate toward products with great reputations!

Structure and process

Let me set you up with road maps, channel planning, budget tracking, reporting and analysis, and team leadership; effective tools to execute wins.

To scale and succeed, you need strong leadership. Alongside this you need process, structure and accountability. Turn chaos into organised chaos.


I'm Madeline

I am a strategic marketer with over 15 years’ international experience in corporates such as ASOS, boohoo, Heathrow Airport and Vodafone, as well as founder-led start ups, Ārepa and Yes You Can. I am a strong communicator and have the ability to bring people together cross-functionally to ensure efficient and effective outcomes.

My core strengths sit in delivering marketing strategies that build brand awareness, consideration and preference - through a strategic plan, target customer, budget allocation, channel priorities, data driven analysis, and leadership.

Tap into my experience to build your brand and business without the cost and commitment of a full-time CMO; a "fraction" of the cost! Invest in the media execution, not just the plan.

Let's work together

Let the brands do the talking

A snapshot of my experience

Marketing Director ANZ

  • Brand awareness growth in AU (+4%) and NZ (+8%) in 8 months through strategic media channels
  • Achieved retail growth of +53% YoY and online growth +25% YoY
  • Developed and led team of channel specialists - E-Comm, Design & Creative, Customer Care, Social and Influencer
  • Led consumer insight research to understand target customer
  • Managed PR and Digital agencies to deliver on the strategy

A brainfood company that plays in the FMCG space, my role was focused on setting up the marketing function, devising and delivering the strategy, leading a team and agencies, and understanding the target customer. My corporate skills were transferred into the start up world to implement function and considered execution, ensuring positive outcomes.

Country Manager ANZ

  • Successfully built the localised business - office/showroom, team and agencies, product and marketing strategy
  • Increased YoY sales +16%, sessions +12%, NCs +19%
  • Grew prompted (+8%) and unprompted (+12%) brand awareness
  • Ragtrader 'Top 20 most influential people in fashion'
  • Guided global business on localisation of 5 of the 13 brands; product, pricing, proposition, brand strategy

Led strategic development and oversight of Boohoo Group brands, boohoo, Nasty Gal, boohooMAN. As employee #1, I established the local operations and marketing strategy, focused on trading, performance marketing, brand growth, and product.

Brand Marketing Manager

  • Developed localised influencer strategy, hiring ASOS Insiders and macro to micro talent to lead campaigns - 200+ influencer network
  • Delivered paid social strategy utilising creative campaign content to deliver both brand and commercial objectives
  • Social channel growth to 560k followers and +1M engagements

Championed ASOS Australia's brand marketing strategy, working closely with HQ in London and guiding a team of specialists. Led budget allocation for media channels and content creation for brand, trade, and proposition initiatives.

Social Media Manager

  • Successfully managed and executed campaigns for traveller engagement; BBC Doctor Who, British Monarchy, Star Alliance, Google
  • Delivered the social strategy and content for the opening of Terminal 2: The Queen's Terminal
  • Achieved Top 100 Global Brands on Social Media, by Headstream

Developed strategies for campaigns and overall channel growth, while also executing on crisis comms via social channels. Daily collaboration and management with internal and external stakeholders for social media content and proactive campaigns.

More brand love...

My experience brings diversity across multiple verticals, including; fashion, FMCG, aviation, telco, not-for-profit and consumer PR. Variety of industries = transferrable skills and a fresh way of thinking!

Hear from those I've worked with

"Having worked with Maddy for a number of years I would highly recommend her as a true visionary and operational marketer. Even though we were working on opposite time zones, Maddy never allowed the distance to feel an issue. She is fantastic at strategy and delivery and integrated brilliantly into a globally diverse team."

Kelly Byrne, CGO at REFY (ex-Commercial Director at Nasty Gal)

"Madeline seamlessly integrated into our business, assuming leadership of our marketing department with remarkable expertise. Her adeptness in team structuring and process development was precisely what we needed. With her guidance, we expanded into multiple markets while maintaining a steadfast focus on our brand values. Madeline's deep understanding of our ethos not only bolstered our brand's presence but also elevated it to new heights."

Zachery Robinson, Co-CEO & Co-Founder at Ārepa

"During Maddy's time at Ārepa, Compass Studio was the PR partner, and we had the absolute pleasure of working with Maddy, on all things strategic, right down to the implementation of brand campaigns for over a year.  Maddy is an absolute marketing powerhouse. Her extensive cross-category experience and her clear comms and respectful ways of working, really make her such a dream to work and collaborate with. 

Maddy is hyper-creative and she's always bringing fresh ideas to the table. Plus, her passion for what she does is contagious!"

Luke Dean-Waymark, Co-Founder + Co-Director at Compass Studio

Why Fractional Marketing?

Perhaps a fancy name for consultant, this new style of working is gaining traction in the post-COVID era whereby companies and individuals are looking to more creative solutions to solve their needs.

Fractional contracts give employers experienced employee productivity without the additional expense that comes with a full-time overhead. This can especially help smaller businesses or start-ups trying to save on costs, but get the same outcome.

There’s also the benefit of accessing diverse talent that isn’t location-bound. Full-time employees already collaborate with freelance and remote workers - so fractional contracts give businesses a way to leverage specific talent on quarterly, monthly or even weekly bases.

But what is it?

Companies and employees are freezing established hiring practices in favour of more flexible, progressive solutions. Fractional hiring is especially prevalent in the marketing industry, considering its multifaceted and ever-changing scope. I'm also a firm believer that companies should look to investing in the marketing execution versus paying full-time overheads to talk about the plan.

You have needs. Let's find solutions!

Available for day rate, retainer or project base fees. Reach out to discuss ways of working and costs to tailor a structure that suits your business.

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